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  • All type coil springs 


  • Sprial Screw   


  • Leaf spring    


  • Heat resisting spring (Clip, Coil spring)


  • BELLEVILLE SPRINGS (Coned disc springs)

The characteristics of BELLEVILLE SPRINGS

  1. If the stored energy for a unit volume of BELLEVILLE SPRINGS  is compared to an equal volume of coned coil-less springs, it will be found to be significantly greater. Thus, although disc springs fit into a small space and have a small stroke, they possess a relatively large load capacity.
  2. BELLEVILLE SPRINGS have load/deflection curves that have either linear or non-linear characteristics and these coned disc springs can be selected to fit many different requirements as related to different specific uses.
  3. The spring characteristics can be varied, as necessary, by Increasing or decreasing the number of layers fo discs and using discs in series or parallel configurations, in various combinations.
  4. If they are used properly, the range of possible uses is very broad and they will perform effectively to achieve many different objectives.
  5. If they are used within their permissble stress ranges, they can endure long periods of continuous use.
  6. They are very effective for absorbing shock loads and when they used in multiple-disc stacks, their ability to dampen shocks effectively is very high.



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